Engine: Cosworth MAE

Notes on the BT18 in both F2 and F3 specifications.


The Modified Anglia Series E (Ford 105E) MAE engine pushed out 100bhp at 9500rpm and was a very successful Formula 3 engine that Cosworth made in fairly large quantities. The MAE that's on the BT18 has a modified cylinder head (that was introduced in 1966) to improve the performance. For Formula 2 specifications, a Cosworth Single cam type A SCA engine was used.


There are some fundamental differences between the BT18 in F2, F3 and Formula Libre specification. The F2 cars built by Jack Brabham's Motor Racing Developments Ltd (MRD) had Lockheed brakes, while the F3 cars had Girling. The cars ran Borg and Beck 7 1/4" single dry plate clutches.


MRD used Progress Chassis Company to build their chassis (so did most of the race car manufacturers in Britain) up to the BT16A F2 car (1965) and then began using Arch Motors from the BT17 of 1966 onwards. 


Arch Motors continues to this day with more recent projects being the Light Car Company (The Rocket) by Gordon Murray, Tomita Auto UK (Tommy Kaira), and Simon Saunders with the Ariel Atom.

Cosworth MAE engine 

The screamer with twin 45DCOE Weber carbs. 


For upcoming Southern Festival of NZ Formula Libre races we will have a Lotus Twin Cam 1600 mated to the existing Hewland 5sp box in place of the MAE. Photos of the twin cam taken at Invercargill in February 2006 below.

BT18 AM128 with and without bodywork. The chassis came from Arch Motors. Arch Motors stamped the chassis number on the left side of the rear frame cross member. This is a fairly reliable guide to a genuine Brabham frame but have no special meaning - Arch Motors fabricated the frames for Brabham customer cars under contract. They were built in batches and the numbers were assigned sequentially.



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